quantum-anomaly (quantumanomaly) wrote,

Core Dump

So the migration to Google Apps for Education @ work has been for shite. Root grief, bad IMAP client integration. Garr. Back to Exchange. Ugh.

So as you sow, so shall ye reap. McAfee acquires previous evil company. Or should I say, as you lay off, so shall ye be laid?

WTF to I have to bail out investment backs. Making ARM loans where clients make only interest payments ( as their principle increases ) is illegal. Or at least should have been. I would like to "write off" some bad loans, say my student loans, or my car loan, or my house loan. Oh wait a minute, I didn't buy into the housing bubble. But some 100+ year companies eat it, and I pick up the tab ( along with the other taxpayers ). Shenanigans! Shenanigans!

OH, and WAMU. WTF? What local bank should I go with now? Keybank, nah... Maybe Cathay?

Ever since that horrid DNS exploit, DNS resolution is tarpit slooowwww... WTH?

My BP is trending hypotensive now. Strenuous exercise makes me feel like fainting.

The people with the best Mulberry tree in town hacked it way back this year. What a crime.

So, host a party on Saturday the 24th or Friday the 31st. Which will generate the most native debauchery?

Last Friday was Talk Like a Pirate Day. I didn't manage to get one arrrrr out!

Heros. Season Three. Whoo hoo!

True Blood. I like it.

Last week I felt like walking away from work, cashing out my 401k and moving to another foreign land.

The photo now meme makes me self-conscious.

Carry on.
Tags: core dump

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