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Old Eyes

Well, as I creep up on the big 45, I am finding my eyes getting weirder everyday. I used to have 20/10 vision, then 20/15. Then one day, I woke up near sighted. Lasted for a few weeks. Before, when I got tired, my eyes would tell me by blurring the world. I would take a nap, and they would reboot. Not now. Driving makes me nervous. So I go into the eye doctor. Am told my prescription is "minor". My eyes are frakked up and I can't read letters across the block. I go to the Apple Developers Conference and my prescription changes again. I can't read the displays in the 5000 seat hall with my new distance glasses. WTF?!? This makes for a sad Apple Dev conference for me. I get back, get a new prescription. New glasses. Fancy glasses. I want to fucking see normal again. Part of me is asking, "What is normal?" I start boosting my Vitamin A uptake ( 10,000 units/day ), add some Bilberry. About a month later, I don't need distance glasses anymore. My near sight is now fucked. I need reading glasses to read the serial number of the stacks of MacBooks I just got in, otherwise, I run out of arm. I love getting older. Total glasses cost, @ $1500. Whatever you do, don't let them sell you progressive lenses. Everything looks like a fishbowl, and makes the neck tired from "focusing".
Tags: clarity, decrepitude, eyes, getting older, vision

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