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Well, I cruised up to Bellingham today to check out the LinuxFest. I ended up standing behind krow in the last part of a lecture on cloud development. I was laughing inside, because he was on a MacBook. Attended two talks and politely sat through them. Both were not really on-topic. One presenter said, "Leaving now, it's about to get worse..." and then, it did get much worse. Another quote, "Am I boring you to tears? Yes, there is one now!" as he points to an audience member. The MySQL lecture was much better, though I thought he could use Caffeine on his laptop.

Traffic sucked balls coming back through Everette. Why the frak do people slow down north of Everette, just to get to the city border and speed back up again? The traffic was all janky, then it just cleared with no incidence as the cause to the slow down. It's as if drivers collectively went, "Oh, the speed limit's 60, not 30! D'oh!"

Had a hard time concentrating on anything since my left achilles tendon is killing me, slowly throbbing in pain. Was not helped this morning woken up early with the gang of contractors replacing the house soffets at 7:00am Saturday morning. Come the frak on, 7:00am on a frakking Saturday morning?!? I cursed them all for breaking my slumber, then they broke the window to my office. Now all the squirrels that used to live in the attic are all confused and clinging to the windows.

Work has a $4000 professional development credit for me. I am thinking of cashing that in and attending Apple's WWDC08 in San Franpsycho this June. Do you think I should go?
Tags: linuxfest, lj users, traffic, wwdc

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