Does Darth have to Choke a Biatch?

What bullshite is this Apple?

OK, music to ringtones. I can only convert music I bought via the Apple store? ( You conveniently skip all the mp3's I loaded from CD's I purchased ). Now you want to charge me again ( $ 0.99! for a 15 second ring tone ) ? WTF Apple?

Thanksgiving was the nom nom! I am thankful for all my friends.

Now I am wondering if I go to work? Brave Fry's and buy an extra monitor for my laptop? Or fix the damned dryer that just broke ( drive meltdown ).

Hope you are all well!

Does Darth have to Choke a Biatch?

Work makes me angry

Somedays, like today, a total network meltdown. Software creating a UDP flood. Had to bounce the network file share hard. I leave work feeling dirty. Frak. Frelling computers. Soul sucking beasts! I walk down the street making growling noises whilst I flex my claws.
Get It On!

Core Dump

So the migration to Google Apps for Education @ work has been for shite. Root grief, bad IMAP client integration. Garr. Back to Exchange. Ugh.

So as you sow, so shall ye reap. McAfee acquires previous evil company. Or should I say, as you lay off, so shall ye be laid?

WTF to I have to bail out investment backs. Making ARM loans where clients make only interest payments ( as their principle increases ) is illegal. Or at least should have been. I would like to "write off" some bad loans, say my student loans, or my car loan, or my house loan. Oh wait a minute, I didn't buy into the housing bubble. But some 100+ year companies eat it, and I pick up the tab ( along with the other taxpayers ). Shenanigans! Shenanigans!

OH, and WAMU. WTF? What local bank should I go with now? Keybank, nah... Maybe Cathay?

Ever since that horrid DNS exploit, DNS resolution is tarpit slooowwww... WTH?

My BP is trending hypotensive now. Strenuous exercise makes me feel like fainting.

The people with the best Mulberry tree in town hacked it way back this year. What a crime.

So, host a party on Saturday the 24th or Friday the 31st. Which will generate the most native debauchery?

Last Friday was Talk Like a Pirate Day. I didn't manage to get one arrrrr out!

Heros. Season Three. Whoo hoo!

True Blood. I like it.

Last week I felt like walking away from work, cashing out my 401k and moving to another foreign land.

The photo now meme makes me self-conscious.

Carry on.
Dr. Evil

"..." is an application which was downloaded from the internet...

Garr, this is really annoying in Leopard. Too bad there isn't a global admin setting to set this to STFU!!!

Anyways, after some research, found that items downloaded into the Downloads directory get flagged with Everytime you start the app, it has the Vista'ish question, "Cancel or Allow?". Isn't this the basis of a Mac Ad that made fun of Vista?

Any hoo, this feature is very annoying. What else is annoying is that the orgination Admin user has to OK it. Not another user with Admin priveledges, that would make too much sense! Oh noes!

I found a better way by just parsing all the apps in /Applications ( xattr -l *app ) and doing a quick scan on all the downloaded apps for the students. Then just apply 'xattr -d naggy*.app'.

I hope in Snow Leopard, they shit this frakken thing off, or make it a "Please STFU" Preference Pane.

Of course, there is a much easier hack round this. Start Safari, download Firefox, configure Firefox to save all files to the Desktop instead of the Downloads directory. No more warnings! This seems to pass the xattr hook in Downloads that adds the infernal extension. Upon further testing, this does not seem to work 100%, it is stil intercepting extractions of *.dmg... hrmmm...
a free frame of reference

Old Eyes

Well, as I creep up on the big 45, I am finding my eyes getting weirder everyday. I used to have 20/10 vision, then 20/15. Then one day, I woke up near sighted. Lasted for a few weeks. Before, when I got tired, my eyes would tell me by blurring the world. I would take a nap, and they would reboot. Not now. Driving makes me nervous. So I go into the eye doctor. Am told my prescription is "minor". My eyes are frakked up and I can't read letters across the block. I go to the Apple Developers Conference and my prescription changes again. I can't read the displays in the 5000 seat hall with my new distance glasses. WTF?!? This makes for a sad Apple Dev conference for me. I get back, get a new prescription. New glasses. Fancy glasses. I want to fucking see normal again. Part of me is asking, "What is normal?" I start boosting my Vitamin A uptake ( 10,000 units/day ), add some Bilberry. About a month later, I don't need distance glasses anymore. My near sight is now fucked. I need reading glasses to read the serial number of the stacks of MacBooks I just got in, otherwise, I run out of arm. I love getting older. Total glasses cost, @ $1500. Whatever you do, don't let them sell you progressive lenses. Everything looks like a fishbowl, and makes the neck tired from "focusing".
Colbert Report


In San Fran, the weather is awesome. The hotel network connection sucks. I need to get some ISP work done and the network is blocking me. Looking forward to some Apple IT goodness this week.
delusions of grandiosity


Well, I cruised up to Bellingham today to check out the LinuxFest. I ended up standing behind krow in the last part of a lecture on cloud development. I was laughing inside, because he was on a MacBook. Attended two talks and politely sat through them. Both were not really on-topic. One presenter said, "Leaving now, it's about to get worse..." and then, it did get much worse. Another quote, "Am I boring you to tears? Yes, there is one now!" as he points to an audience member. The MySQL lecture was much better, though I thought he could use Caffeine on his laptop.

Traffic sucked balls coming back through Everette. Why the frak do people slow down north of Everette, just to get to the city border and speed back up again? The traffic was all janky, then it just cleared with no incidence as the cause to the slow down. It's as if drivers collectively went, "Oh, the speed limit's 60, not 30! D'oh!"

Had a hard time concentrating on anything since my left achilles tendon is killing me, slowly throbbing in pain. Was not helped this morning woken up early with the gang of contractors replacing the house soffets at 7:00am Saturday morning. Come the frak on, 7:00am on a frakking Saturday morning?!? I cursed them all for breaking my slumber, then they broke the window to my office. Now all the squirrels that used to live in the attic are all confused and clinging to the windows.

Work has a $4000 professional development credit for me. I am thinking of cashing that in and attending Apple's WWDC08 in San Franpsycho this June. Do you think I should go?